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Asset Tracking

Whether your assets are deployed in Mining, Oil & Gas, Remote Construction or any other remote industry, Tracertrak provides total visibility over your remote assets.

Tracertrak helps you increase your operational efficiency and asset utilisation. Reducing time searching for assets, reduce unnecessary service schedules and reduce unnecessary spending on excess assets.

Tracertrak ensures you always have the information you need to deploy the closest, most suitable asset to the job site. Being out of cellular range doesn’t mean being out of touch with Tracertrak.

Tracertrak’s satellite based solutions provide asset location data and alarm information from the most remote locations, while the long life battery solutions provide many years of service with no need for external power supply or installation.

  • Maintain visibility of your remote assets whatever they are - lighting towers, drill rigs, generators, road plant – anything that moves.
  • Minimise time wasted searching for assets – ensure your maintenance and support teams are spending time utilising the assets – not hunting for them.
  • Be alerted of events such as "unauthorised movement", "door opened" or "engine on".
  • Effective group management means simple operation for large fleets of assets.

Improved Efficiency

Improved situational awareness, or the ability to see your fleet of assets at a glance immediately increases your operational efficiency. Imagine never having to wonder where your assets are, so you can utilise them quickly and efficiently instead of spending valuable time searching for them.

Tracertrak will show you where your assets are, and you can easily and quickly search which of your assets are closest or most suitable for your immediate requirement. Don’t waste time and money searching for an asset, or shipping assets across long distance’s when others were closer all along.

Group & Permissions Management

With Tracertrak’s highly effective Group Management structure, you can easily locate one, many or all of your remote assets quickly and easily. Find out where your assets are in relation to the project site or to the service and maintenance team. Separately locate assets at company depots from those deployed in the field. Tracertrak also has an Enterprise Grade permissions management structure, so you can ensure that users of the system see only assets and system functions that are important to their job.

Geographical Compliance

Set geofences to make sure your assets are only distributed in locations where they are authorised to operate and not in unauthorised areas such as dangerous locations or conservation sites. You can also set up customer sites and upload your own custom map layers to display over the default map.

Maximum Reliability

As Australia’s leading Mobile Satellite Services Provider, Pivotel ensures maximum reliability and minimum system disruption thanks to our high availability system design and our end-to-end network monitoring. Pivotel owns and operates its own satellite ground stations, data network and the Tracertrak application so you can be sure Pivotel will keep watch while you keep working.

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