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COVID-19 Statement

At Pivotel, the safety and security of our customers, partners and employees is always our top priority. With the spread of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, we wanted to assure you that we are closely monitoring the situation and ensuring that we are prepared should it further escalate.

State of Readiness

As an Australian organisation with a global presence, we are closely following information and guidelines from the Australian Government, The Australian Department of Health and the World Health Organisation. We understand that as a telecommunications carrier and mobile satellite services provider, many of our customers and partners rely on our services for critical communication services. We take this responsibility very seriously and as a result continue to review our Business Continuity Plan (BCP), so that we are ready to act should the need arise.

Testing Your Satellite Devices

If you do rely on satellite services day-to-day, or want to ensure that your device is ready to go should you need it, check that your batteries are fully charged, hold charge and that the device is connected and operational. If you have a satellite phone you can call our free test number (0406 32 TEST)* so you know that your device is connected and working correctly. If you have any questions please call our Customer Care team on 1300 882 448, or contact your Account Manager.

*Note: Calls to 0406 32 TEST are billed at the standard satellite call to mobile rates on Iridium Classic Casual, Globalstar Casual, Thuraya Casual and Inmarsat IsatHub Casual Plans.

Stock Availability

We are continuing to liaise with our suppliers to ensure any unforeseen supply issues are identified and mitigated well in advance. To date there have been no indications of any foreseen impact to our supply chain. Pivotel already holds one of the largest inventories of satellite equipment across our offices in Australia, New Zealand the Americas. We understand that things can change quickly and as a result are regularly reviewing our inventory levels with a view to hold an increased level of key, higher volume items to ensure we can meet demand should there be any supply interruptions.

Daily Operations

Currently all of our offices remain open and fully operational. As our employees are spread across multiple locations all over the country, Pivotel has prepared for employees to operate in a virtual environment, if required they will work remotely to ensure that customer care, sales and service activations will continue to operate effectively and uninterrupted.

Network Operations

The Pivotel Network is a highly automated system that spans the globe with multiple redundant interconnects and systems. It is specifically designed for redundancy and maximum reliability, meaning we do not anticipate disruption to any of the services we provide.

Health & Safety

All employees have been advised to follow a internal safety protocol and sanitise all surfaces in order to minimise the spread of any disease.

We approach this fast-changing situation with an abundance of caution, and a readiness to adjust as necessary.

We value our long-standing relationships, please be assured that we are committed to doing all we can to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers, partners and employees, and the ongoing operations of the services you rely on.

If you have any questions, please contact the Pivotel Customer Care team on 1300 882 448.

Pivotel acquires US satellite solutions company to offer faster Internet for consumers

Leading Australian telecommunications provider, Pivotel, has today announced the acquisition of North American satellite solutions company, Global Marine Networks (GMN) as part of an accelerated push into the satellite data communications market.

GMN’s core products are focused on speeding up satellite data while also lowering usage costs. The acquisition offers greater access to the GMN product portfolio and its team of developers, including the GMN RedPort brand of satellite VoiP, data routers and services.

The procurement of the Tennessee-based company facilitates greater levels of integration with Pivotel’s broad suite of satellite technologies and provides Pivotel with a foothold in the North American market through which Pivotel plans to expand the sales of existing Pivotel products.

Pivotel CEO Peter Bolger said the acquisition was a natural fit with the GMN product suite providing solutions to the satellite industry’s pain points of slower and more expensive data downloads.

“Satellite phone technology has come a long way in a few short years. Data downloads are comparatively slow, sometimes painfully slow, and are notoriously expensive on a satellite network, but we know our customers increasingly need to access the Internet and apps for both business and personal use,” Mr Bolger said.

“It makes sense then, for us to partner with a leading satellite solutions developer, to offer our customers with access to faster, more affordable content for an improved user experience. By bringing their expertise in-house we are also able to develop more tightly integrated solutions that leverage Pivotel’s network infrastructure.”

“GMN and RedPort solutions provide turnkey access to all services including filtering and compressing data as well as blocking unnecessary content and software updates so users can upload and download data faster and more cost effectively, allowing satellite users to get the most out of their voice and data service.” GMN CEO Dr. Luis Soltero agrees that the two companies are a good fit.

“We had spoken with a number of potential suitors but were won over by Pivotel’s commitment to the satellite data market and their desire to continue investing in new and improved solutions while also wanting to grow the international sales of the GMN RedPort product suite,” Dr Soltero said.

“Both Pivotel and GMN have a reputation for being innovative companies with a strong track record in R&D, so we felt very comfortable about the cultural alignment and now look forward to joining the Pivotel family.”

The transaction between Pivotel and GMN is expected to close on 1 September 2017.


Global Marine Networks (GMN), the leader in advancing satellite data speeds and services, helps Fixed and Mobile Satellite Services providers and their customers by offering the industry’s fastest, most reliable and easy-to-use email, web, and other hardware and software services to maritime, oil and gas, first responder and business continuity users. The company’s products include XGate high-speed satellite email, web, and vessel tracking systems. Ship to shore marine satellite solutions are offered as branded or white-label solutions for the world’s premier satellite data service providers under the RedPort Global brand.

Pivotel hangs up the quarter with greatest telco customer satisfaction

Leading Australian mobile telecommunications provider, Pivotel, has recorded the lowest customer complaints in reporting history, according to the latest Complaints in Context (CIC) report released jointly by Communications Alliance and the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) today.

In the latest quarter, April to June 2017, Pivotel saw just 0.3 reported complaints per 10,000 customers, which is a record low since the Complaints in Context (CIC) reporting commenced in December 2014, with historical quarterly data provided from the July to Sept 2013 quarter.

Pivotel Executive Director Robert Sakker attributed the results to the company’s ongoing commitment to providing their customers with unparalleled service levels and innovative products designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

“Pivotel has historically had very low numbers of complaints compared to other telco providers, but it’s really encouraging to see our willingness to go the extra mile for our customers has positioned us as the best in the industry this quarter,” Mr Sakker said.

“We would love to see other Communications Alliance members and industry participants join in the Complaints in Context reporting, and encourage them to be as open as we and the other four telecommunications service providers are about our customer service levels.”

This announcement comes just a few weeks after Pivotel was awarded the 2017 ACOMM Communications Alliance’s Satellite Provider of the Year award in recognition of its worldfirst solution, Big Bundle, aimed at increasing the accessibility of satellite communication technology in regional and remote Australia.

Big Bundle is just one of many initiatives launched by Pivotel this year. More information is available at

Source: Complaints in Context media release 9 August 2017 – More information is available at or at

Download the pdf here

Pivotel Satellite named ACOMMS Satellite Provider of the Year 2017

Pivotel’s industry-first satellite phone plan initiative, Big Bundle, has won the 2017 ACOMM Communications Alliance’s Satellite Provider of the Year Award in recognition of its world-first solution aimed at increasing the accessibility of satellite communication technology in regional and remote Australia.

The Annual Australian Communications Industry Awards showcased the telecommunication industry’s achievements in Sydney (19 July), acknowledging companies that have excelled in innovation, community service and product solutions around the country.

Pivotel Executive Director Robert Sakker said the award offers industry recognition for its forward thinking partnership with the Thuraya network.

“We knew that traditional mobile satellite solutions were viewed as an expensive communication option, and only used in the event of an emergency or for critical business communication.”

“We wanted to challenge the way it had always been done, and we’re excited to deliver a solution that brings satellite access and usage costs in line with the more familiar cellular mobile plans that Australians have come to accept as standard,” he said.

“For just $99 per month, users have access to $400 of included value on their satellite device plus unlimited voice and SMS usage with up to 2GB of data on their cellular service. If a customer uses their full $400 of allocated included value on voice calling, the average cost per minute is less than 20 cents, giving dramatic cost benefits compared to other satellite phone packages.”

For more information on the 2017 Accomm awards visit